Why Exhibit

Why to exhibit

– TTPF represents an open platform for local and regional travel and tourism companies to seek business opportunities, generate leads and increase brand exposure. there are free-to-attend conferences, plus hours sand hours of networking opportunities.
– Presenting all key partners with opportunities in both public and private sectors, also help airline companies, tourism service providers, the hotel sector and all industry stakeholders into offering their services products, projects and tourism plans, research in all matters of the local tourism industry.
– The forum is considered to be an important indicator of what can be offered in future when comes to the major development in this vital industry and works to overcome obstacles in partnership with the public sector to benefit entrepreneurs and investors and therefor to encourage them to invest in tourism and discover promising opportunities


It is a qualitative leap to create opportunities for all key partners, exchange ideas, design the future of the tourism sector and achieve a unique diversity in the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia to bring together a harmonious mix of heritage, tourism, leisure, culture, business, business and investment.

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